Fr. Juliano de Souza - RIP

Source: District of Australia and New Zealand

Another priest of the SSPX, Fr. Juliano de Souza has recently passed away - May he rest in peace.

Fr. Juliano de Souza, a priest of the Society of St. Pius X, stationed in Brazil, while on holiday in his village in Brazil, had to be hospitalised urgently after suffering from meningitis.

While he was slowly recoving, it was discovered on 9th of September that one of his heart valves was severely damaged and had to be replaced.

On the 11th of September, he was able to receive the last rites and religiously prepare for major open heart surgery that lay ahead.

Unfortutonately, a serious infection was discovered around the valved to be replaced, so he had to wait for a better clinical setting to


The body collapsed and he had to be put into a coma and intuabed. As his condition stablised, the doctors decieded to attempt the operation.

The operation went well, but unfortunately the biological valve could not take root. And the Virgin of Sorrows came

to take him away after the first Vesperst of her feast. May God welcome him into his glory !

He was in his 35th year, the fourth of his priesthood. He had been trained at the Nuestra Senora Corredentora Seminary in La Reja, and was ordained on

December 16th, 2017, then appointed to Bogota, Colombia, where he was still assigned at the time of his death.

The Funeral will take place in his native village, Corbelia, on Thurday morning, 16th of September.

Father Juliano de Souza, rest in peace and be assured of our prayers !