Distance Education – Expression of Interest Survey (Queensland)

Source: District of Australia and New Zealand

St. Philomena School is undertaking an exciting endeavour. We are applying to the Accreditation Board to offer a distance education programme. Initially, this will only be open to Queenslanders, but strategically this is of great importance to the SSPX for the whole of Australia.

The proposed programme will be to deliver St Philomena’s successful classical curriculum via distance. The key features include traditional paper-based teaching and minimum screen time whilst offering a wide range of subjects. Attractive aspects include Religion taught by the Priests and Latin starting in Prep. We will provide parents with the full support of qualified teaching staff and optional community-based activities.

The fees are significantly lower than an on-campus student whilst fulfilling the state requirements for home education. The benefits of this programme are numerous, especially if you enjoy life by the coast, in rural areas, or just too far from an SSPX school. This programme is robust, flexible, and well-suited to family life and provides stability in education during times of restrictions.

We need your help to make this happen!

Please complete the survey and encourage your friends and like-minded people in the broader community to do the same. The survey is invaluable to demonstrate to the Accreditation Board that this endeavour has strong support. Finally, please commend this project to your prayers for God’s blessing and success.

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