Spiritus Sancte Deus, Miserere Nobis

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O how good and sweet is Thy Spirit, Lord, in all things.[1]

Let the mercies of the Lord give glory to Him, and His wonderful works to the children of men.[2]

Who forgiveth all thy iniquities, who healeth all thy diseases, who redeemeth thy life from destruction, who crowneth thee with mercy and compassion: who satisfieth thy desire with good things… The Lord is compassionate and merciful, long-suffering and plenteous in mercy.[3]

AGAIN, O Lord, we beg for mercy; and can we fear a refusal when Thou hast deigned to appear in the lovable form of a dove, so that not the most timid child could feel afraid, but would put forth its hands to retain one so winning and attractive? Behold us, O Holy Spirit, O Divine Dove, praying Thee with outstretched arms to come and take possession of our hearts and to kindle in them the fire of Thy love. And not for ourselves alone do we pray, but for the whole earth, that it may be re-created. Created anew, filled with hearts all aglow with the flames of divine love. We know what a transformation Thou didst effect in the apostles, who heretofore were timid, selfish, carnal minded, but who, after Thy descent, were intrepid, spiritual and consumed with zeal for God’s glory. Work this change in us. Take possession of our hearts and make them all Thine own. Subject all that is within us to Thy divine sway. We are cold and hard, but what snow, ice or steel could resist the burning rays of Thy furnace of love? Our hearts are full of earthly dross, as well as stiff and unbending, but fire consumes all impurities and renders the hardest metal soft and pliable. Drive far from us our hellish foe and fill us with Thy heavenly peace. Enlighten, teach and instruct us that we may know the Father, the Son and Thyself. And do all this not only for us who pray, but for the whole world, for all those who know Thee not and who do not pray. Come, Thou Father of the poor, to whom we already owe so much; confirm that which Thou hast already begun in us, and kindle in us such powerful flames of love that they may communicate themselves to all those with whom we come in contact, and kindle in them a similar fire, so that they in turn may warm other hearts and bring them to the knowledge and love of Thee.

O Mary, Spouse of God the Holy Ghost, our Lady of Light, plead for us.

God the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us.


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