The Crusader #354 - December 2020

The December intention is for the most abandoned souls in Purgatory.

Dear Crusader and Friends,

This issue is late and I apologize for that. Be sure to fill in your Treasure Chart today not only for today, but also for all the days you missed because I didn’t get your magazine to you on time.

On another note, we are quickly approaching one of our holydays of obligation: Christmas day. Will you be ready for it? I am sure that you would say that you will be ready. You would tell me that you have been to all the shops, that you have spent all your savings, that you have purchased gifts for all your friends and family. You would tell me that you spent hours secretly wrapping up these gifts and sending them out far and wide. You would tell me that you have given all the hints possible to your parents about what you might want for Christmas. You would finally tell me that you have spent hours baking and decorating. Nothing has been left undone. You are all prepared. Or are you?

Certainly, your bodily, your material preparations have been admirable, even astounding. But, what about your soul? It seems to me that it is a little dirty: please make a good confession to clean it properly. It seems to me that your soul is a little hungry: please go to communion as often as you can on the days of Advent or at least make a spiritual communion every day. It seems to me that your soul is a little weak: please do some spiritual exercise to make it strong, like a sacrifice or a good example. It seems to me that your soul is a little bit poor: please pray to the good God for many gifts of grace and virtue.

Oh! if you would spend the time from now until Christmas preparing your soul in these ways (and many others that your guardian angel will suggest to you), your soul will be really strong and beautiful on Christmas day. Your soul will so gladden the heart of Jesus on His birthday that He will shower you with graces for the entire year to come.

My dear Crusaders of the Eucharist, prepare ye the way of the Lord: first in your own souls and, by that means, in the souls of all those Jesus wishes to save. May God bless you and keep you.

Yours in Jesus & Mary,

Fr. Benjamin Campbell