The Crusader #351 - September 2020

The September intention is for our schools and all who work with them.

My Dear Child,

         I am writing a short letter because I made a quick visit to Heaven and I saw that Jesus was quite sad. I did not get a chance to ask Him what was wrong (because I had to come and see you quickly), but the other angels told me.

They explained to me that from the middle of the school year, Jesus has lost a few of his Eucharistic Crusaders,  and He cried very much. This sad news was a great sorrow to me, and I decided to make a serious examination of conscience.

And now, I am a little worried. Oh! Of course, you are always a good Crusader of the Eucharistic, but I still think, well… perhaps a little less fervent than before. You are thinking much less of Jesus. Aren’t you on the wrong slope, still up high, but on your way down?

Then, while you were sleeping, I entrusted you to another angel (I cannot leave you alone, you know that!), and I went to see the Blessed Virgin. It took me a while to approach her, because up here, everybody wants to ask for her advice, and the Seraph are always preparing a magnificent  feast for the 15th of September.

Oh! The Good Lady! It did not take much time to explain things to her: she has seen other such cases! She only answered with her extraordinary smile: “Let your child keep his prayer, and prayer will keep your child, especially the Rosary.”

And now, I am coming back to let you know: never forget your Rosary. The Blessed Virgin loves you very much, I saw that, and she does not want us to drop our prayer. I shall remind you of this.

I leave you with a fond embrace.

Your Guardian Angel,

who never forgets you.