The Crusader #350 - August 2020

The August intention is for the return of our apostate societies to Christ the King.

Dear Crusaders and Friends,

    Tell me, do you love someone you have never met nor seen before? You might reply: “Well, yes, Jesus said we must love our neighbour as ourselves.” Very good. However, would you agree with me if I say that if you wish to love someone very much, you must learn to know the person better? Of course!

    I can love my neighbour whom I have never seen because he was created by God, has a soul and needs to be saved. But I cannot love him very much if I do not know him. But that goes for God too, and, what is more, God wants us to love Him with all our hearts. No this I cannot do unless I know more about Him. This is why it is so very very important for us to learn our catechism. The Church has so many beautiful things to teach us through the catechism. The more we see how great God is, how merciful He is, how He sent His Son to die upon the cross for us, the more we learn to love Him. As true Crusaders you cannot do the Apostolate if you don’t know Him.

    Imagine a Crusader going out to convert someone. This person asks: “Well tell me, who is Jesus?” The Crusader answers: “Well … eh … I … you see … eh …*!?” I really hope you know more than that! Crusaders, learn you catechism!

Yours in Jesus & Mary,

Fr. Benjamin Campbell