The Crusader #349 - July 2020

The July intention is for the return of churchmen to Tradition.

Dear Crusaders and Friends,

The dearer a thing may be, the more it costs. The more it costs, the more dear it will be! Isn’t that right? Of course! Well, how dear would you say a thing would be if you would have to pay ten million dollars for it?

Oh, Father, that would certainly be a precious thing!

And if all the money in the whole wide world could not pay for it?

Well...that would be much much more precious than the first!

And if the price of it would be your life? Father would be just too precious!

Now tell me, how precious is the blood of God?


True! How precious would a thing be which could only be bought with the blood of God?

Oh...oh...infinitely precious!

On the first of July, we celebrate what we call: The Feast of the Most Precious Blood. It was the price which Jesus, Who is God, had to pay to buy our souls back from the slavery of sin, Since the Precious Blood of Jesus is of infinite value, we may come to understand how valuable a soul is. Yes, dear Crusaders, the whole wide universe could neither make a soul nor save it from hell. Understand this very well. Your prayers, your sacrifices, your Communions, and your apostolate draw down the blood of Jesus upon souls, so saving them from the fires of hell. Let us then love souls, and try, with all our hearts, to turn them toward the blood of Jesus, the price of their redemption.

Yours in Jesus & Mary,

Fr. Benjamin Campbell