The Crusader #346 - April 2020

The April intention is for the perseverance of priests and religious.

Dear Crusaders and Friends,

This is a very special month. In it we will remember how Jesus gave us His Holy Eucharist (Maundy Thursday), then, how He died for us (Good Friday) and then how he conquered death by rising again from it on Easter Sunday. These are most precious days for us Crusaders. We call our Crusade Eucharistic, because we centre our whole lives around Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist. Maundy Thursday (9 April) is then for us a day to remember and love. If you are near a chapel, try your best to spend much time with Jesus that evening, adoring Him, thanking Him and asking Him the conversion of poor sinners. Sacrifice is the third point of our motto; Good Friday we may join Jesus in the greatest Sacrifice of all; His own death; tell Him you are very sorry for all your past sins. Easter Sunday, is the greatest feast in the Catholic Church. Let us truly rejoice with Jesus that He indeed is our Saviour.

A very happy Easter to you all.

Yours in Jesus & Mary,

Fr. Benjamin Campbell

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