The Crusader #345 - March 2020

The March intention is that St. Joseph will raise up many vocations.

Dear Crusaders & Friends,

We are now in the time of Lent. Within a month the Passion and Death of our Lord will be in front of our eyes: Jesus upon the Cross.

See how people laughed at Jesus, when He was dying for them.

In the old days, God had visited His sinful children with frightful justice: it was the Flood. Nobody laughed then.

Upon the Cross, Jesus manifested His merciful Love only.

Is it not a great insult to mock Jesus because of His goodness and generosity? Is it not a great insult to live as if Jesus had not paid the price of our salvation? Is it not a great insult and sin to live as if we were not the children of our good Father in Heaven? Indeed, it is the greatest sin. It is the sin most people commit today.

Make sure, dear Crusaders of the Eucharist, that you are on the side of those who look at the Cross with love and gratitude. Have a Lent of reparation for the rest of men who ignore the infinite Mercy of Jesus Christ.

Yours in Jesus & Mary,

Fr. Benjamin Campbell


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