The Crusader #344 - February 2020

The February intention is for Christian Mothers.

Dear Crusaders and Friends,

     Our intention this month is for Christian mothers. This means that you are praying, sacrificing, communicating and doing apostolate for your mother as well. But what do we mean by Christian mother? We mean a mother who follows in Christ’s footsteps on the Royal Way of the Cross towards our heavenly home.

     So we are praying, receiving communions, making sacrifices, and doing apostolate to win graces for our mothers to remain faithful to Christ amidst all the trials, temptations, and difficulties that they face each day in trying to get you to heaven. Every day, your mothers make many sacrifices, say many prayers, receive communion often and do tonnes of apostolate just for you. They have been doing “Crusader” work long before you have. They do this work generously, selflessly, tirelessly so that you can know our Lord and love our Lord and serve our Lord and thus win a place in heaven to be happy forever with our Lord.

     Now think about your own work in the Crusade; your prayers, your sacrifices, your communions, your apostolate. Many times you are happy to do them, but also many times they seem to be a burden. Your mothers have been acting like “Crusaders” and they are often happy to lead you to God, but sometimes it is hard for them too. Sometimes they suffer from your disobedience, sometimes from your bad moods, sometimes from your lack of help, sometimes from your messiness.

     I encourage you to try to make this month a perfect month in helping, obeying and being kind to your mothers. I encourage you to be faithful to your Crusader duties of prayer, sacrifice, communion, and apostolate so as to win from Jesus many graces to lift up your mother’s hearts as they follow Jesus on the Royal Way of the Cross towards heaven.

Yours in Jesus & Mary,

Fr. Benjamin Campbell