The Crusader #343 - January 2020

The January intention is for persecuted and abandoned Christians

Dear Crusaders and Friends,

     Every year I this time I write to tell you that we have more priests working with Jesus to save souls. This year is no different. On Thursday, December 19, I saw a young Nigerian seminarian ordained to the priesthood at Holy Cross Seminary. His name is Fr. Martin Anozie. Yes, we could have hoped for more, but already one is a stupendous gift from God. Besides, 3 deacons were ordained at the same time, so more priests are on their way soon.

     Our intention for this month is for persecuted and abandoned Christians. Who is more abandoned than someone who does not have a priest to give them the teachings of Jesus Christ? Who is more persecuted than someone who is denied access to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and other sacraments? Yet that is what is happening today. True, there are those who are being physically persecuted and abandoned. But, while these are terrible, they cannot compare with spiritual persecution. Our Lord said not to fear those who can kill the body but have no power over the soul. It is the loss of the life of the soul that is the most terrible.

     Every time we add even one priest to the Church, we are helping these persecuted and abandoned followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Think of all the souls that this new priest will baptize and make spiritually alive! Think of how many souls he will feed with the Body and Blood of Jesus! Think of the souls he will bring back to life in the confessional, the souls he will enlighten with his teaching, and comfort with his counsel. He will be another Christ walking amongst them.

     You, my friends, have helped towards this. You have prayed. You have received communions. You have made sacrifices. You have done apostolic works. And why? To give spiritual treasure to Jesus so that he might apply that treasure where it is most needed. Of course, we have monthly intentions to stir up our enthusiasm, but Jesus always take part of our treasure and applies it to those young men who are preparing to become priests. For the last seven years, month after month, Fr. Anozie has been receiving grace from Jesus that came from your prayers, communions, sacrifices, and apostolate. When we prayed for devotion to the Blessed Virgin, Jesus gave some of that grace to Fr. Anozie, so that he could teach people to be devoted to Mary. When we received communions for the Souls in Purgatory, Jesus gave some of those graces to Fr. Anozie so one day he could celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the living and the dead. When we made sacrifices for Christian families, Jesus gave part of those graces to Fr. Anozie so that one day he could encourage young men and women to form truly Christian homes and families.

     My friends, you have participated in a truly amazing work. You have worked with Jesus to form another Jesus, another Christ. In Jesus’ name I thank you and beg of you to continue your prayers, communions, sacrifices and apostolate for the salvation of souls.

Yours in Jesus & Mary,

Fr. Benjamin Campbell