The Crusader #340 - October 2019

The October intention is for devotion to the Blessed Virgin.

Dear Crusaders and Friends,

          If you jump correctly, you can make it all the way to heaven!

          "That's silly, Father!" Nobody can jump that high."

          You are right, nobody can jump that high, but I didn't say "if you jump high enough".

          If you jump correctly, you can make it all the way to heaven! That is what I said, and I stick by it.

          "I don't understand at all, Father."

          Let me explain. When most people think about jumping correctly, they think about the "how". How do I stand? How do I bend? How do I push? How do I move? Et cetera. However, in order to jump correctly, you also have to think about the "why". There can be many answers to: "Why do I jump?" I jump to get an apple from the tree. I jump because we are playing a game. I jump to show off. I jump to get a prize. Et cetera.

          In all of those reasons given for jumping, the most important one did not find a place. I jump because I love God and want to do His will. Now, most of you are probably thinking that you have never jumped for that reason, ever. And I will admit that I have probably never thought that before I jumped either.

          But what is it that you do at the start of every day. You make an offering of your whole day and all your actions to God. You offer your prayers ,your work, your sufferings, your study, your recreation, even your jumping. Now why did I say if you jumped correctly you could make it all the way to heaven? Because by doing your jumping for God it becomes a supernatural action and the way to Heaven is by performing supernatural works in union with Our Lord Jesus Christ.

          My dear children, please don’t let any of your actions of the day “disappear”. Please, make all of them last forever by making them supernatural by means of your morning offering. May God bless you and keep you all.

Yours in Jesus & Mary,

Fr. Benjamin Campbell