The Crusader #337 - July 2019

The July intention is for religious vocations.

Dear Crusaders and Friends,

          As promised last month, the back cover of this magazine lists the treasure chart results by chapel. You can see which group turned in the most charts, which group went to Mass the most, which group said the most decades. However, the most important column is the last one which says “% returned”. This column tells me how alive a particular group is.

          Now why have I put the separate groups' accomplishments on display? Is it to make one group ashamed and another group proud? Is it to make one group envious of another? Is it to cause individual crusaders to become upset and despair and give up working for Jesus? Of course not! The reason I am doing this is the exact opposite. It is so that your good works for God will appear openly to others and encourage them to do the same. It is to give you a chance to practice humility if your group has not done so well. It is so that you can rejoice in the good done by others. It is so that you may be filled with courage to do what so many others are already doing. It is to fill you with a holy zeal in ever trying to do your duties well for the love of Jesus, for the love of souls, and for your own sanctification.

          I particularly commend the groups from Mackay and Whanganui. One for having returned all their treasure sheets and the other for having returned such a high percentage. I hope and pray that the other groups will match them in returning their June treasure sheets.

          Yet, between the April treasures listed on the back of this magazine and the June treasures you will be turning in when you get this magazine, there are the May treasures. I should already have received them, but many are still missing. Please search your home or your desk at school to find them and send them in. You can give your treasure chart to the person who collects them at your church, or you can mail it to me, or you can even ask your parents to email it to me. The mail and email addresses are on the bottom of the back cover.

          I apologize for spending so much time on what seems a boring topic, but I do think it is most important to explain the new layout of the returned treasure charts and to encourage you to fulfil this most essential promise you made when you entered the Eucharistic Crusade.

Yours in Jesus & Mary,

Fr. Benjamin Campbell