The Crusader #336 - June 2019

The June intention is for priestly vocations and the fidelity of priests.

Dear Crusaders and Friends,

           As you may have noticed last month, the number of treasure sheets returned went up drastically. This is a good thing. What has happened is that the New Zealanders have combined their total with ours. The reason for this is that this area of work for the priests of the Society of St. Pius X is called the District of Australia and New Zealand or the ANZ District for short.

          At the same time that we have a new total for the whole District, it has been suggested that the totals should also be displayed by chapel. Let me explain. There is a chapel in Rockdale and it has a bunch of Crusaders. How many Crusaders from Rockdale turn in a treasure sheet and help increase the total. Well, starting next month, we will find out when the April treasure totals are listed. I will note how many treasures Rockdale has turned in, and how many Tynong has turned in, and how many Whanganui has turned in, and how many Brisbane has turned in, and how many Perth has turned in, and how many Mackay has turned in. So, if you have any late treasure sheets lying around, it would be best to send them in as soon as possible.

          Some of the chapels have more Crusaders than others, but we will look more at the percentage of members to treasures returned. I hope that several of the chapels will have a 100% return rate.

          Remember that these treasure totals are passed on to Fr. Pagliarani, the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X and the leader of the Crusade. He takes your morning offerings, your masses, your Communions, your sacrifices, your prayers, and your good examples and he offers them to the Sacred Heart of Jesus at a Mass once a month. Just think, not only do you offer your treasure to Jesus, but a priest also offers it to Jesus at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

          I entrust you all to the Most Loving Heart of Jesus during this month of the Sacred Heart.


Yours in Jesus & Mary, 

Fr. Benjamin Campbell