The Crusader #333 - March 2019

Bulletin of the Eucharistic Crusade for Children in Australia

Dear Crusaders and Friends,

          When we read the lives of the saints, we see the wonderful things that they did, we hear the amazing things that they said, and we are delighted by the many miracles they performed. We even begin to want to be saints ourselves. We too want to do great things, say great things, work great miracles. However, the next day, we are still as weak and little and sinful as ever. We become discouraged and give upour beautiful desire of holiness. What is wrong? Why do we not succeed in becoming saints like them? Why do we fail so often?

          It is because we think that doing and saying great things will make us a saint. But we are wrong. It is by doing and saying little things that we will become a saint.

          St. Joseph only has a few lines written about him in the Bible; having doubts, failing to find a place to stay, running away. None of his words are recorded in the Bible. And yet, he is the greatest saint in the whole Church after his dear spouse the Blessed Virgin Mary.

          St. Joseph became a great saint because he always did the little things that God wanted him to do at the moment. God wanted him to knock at doors, and so he did it even though everyone denied him a place for Mary to rest. God wanted him to go away to Egypt, and so he went, instead of staying to fight off the murdering soldiers of Herod. God wanted him to work hard as a carpenter every day, and so he did even when his hands were sore

          Maybe God will ask you to do great things one day, but what does that matter. He is asking you to do little things right now. God is asking you to say the Rosary. God is asking you to do your chores. God is asking you to do your homework. God is asking you to be kind to your little brother or sister. God is asking you to make a sacrifice. If you do all of these little things for the love of God, you will not only be a good Crusader of the Eucharist, but you will also begin to make yourself really holy and pleasing to God.

Yours in Jesus & Mary,

Fr. Benjamin Campbell