The Crusader #330 - December 2018

Bulletin of the Eucharistic Crusade for Children in Australia

Dear Crusaders and Friends,

          Last month I was speaking about birthdays and it reminded me to speak to you about your birthday; your 16th birthday to be exact. You all know that you were able to enter the Eucharistic Crusade after you had made your first Holy Communion; around the age of seven. But not many of you know how long you can be part of the Eucharistic Crusade. The answer is that you can be a Eucharistic Crusader for 9 years (if you begin at the age of seven). That’s right, you can be a Eucharistic Crusader until your 16th birthday. When you turn 16, you are released from your obligations in the Eucharistic Crusade.

          However, just because you stop being a Eucharistic Crusader at the age of 16, it doesn’t mean that you can stop praying, sacrificing, receiving communions and being an apostle to others. No, if you have been a good Crusader of the Eucharist for 9 years, you will certainly want to continue to help Our Lord and Our Lady to save souls. What then will you do. My suggestion is that you join one of the groups for older people. You have the 3rd order of the Society of St. Pius X, the 3rd order of the Carmelites, the Militia Immaculate, the Legion of Mary, the Apostolate of Prayers for Priests, and others if you search around. These groups help you to continue working for the reign of Our King and Queen.

          If you are already 16 years of age, please send me a notice. Your name will be removed from my list of actual members, but you will always be one of the former members for whom all the actual members pray. I will also stop sending you the magazine every month, but if you still find that the articles encourage you to pray and make sacrifices, just say the word and I will keep on sending it to you even to the age of 99.

          You can write to me at:

280 W. Botany St.

Rockdale, NSW 2216

Or email me at: [email protected] which is my new email address.

          I wish all of you a blessed Advent season. May you be especially attentive to uniting all your day (even your play) to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus & Mary. Make this vacation from school a time to grow in holiness and the love of God while taking some well earned rest from studies.

Yours in Jesus & Mary,

Fr. Benjamin Campbell