The Crusader #327 - August 2018

Bulletin of the Eucharistic Crusade for Children in Australia

Dear Crusaders and Friends,

          Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! Calling all Crusaders of the Eucharist. Fr. Campbell is no offering to send you $10 every time you turn in your treasure sheet. With twelve months in the year, that means you can make up to $120 a year. Did you get excited when you read that? Did your heart leap with joy at the thought getting that reward?

          Did you think for a second that you would always turn in your treasure sheet from now on? If you did, I am sorry to disappoint you. What is said in the first paragraph is absolutely false. There is no cash reward for turning in your treasure sheets.

          But, there are rewards that you will receive if you do turn in your treasure charts. You may ask who will give the rewards and what they will be. Very well, I will tell you. The rewards come from your King and Queen and they are supernatural rewards.

          By turning in your treasure sheets your virtues grow, your sanctifying grace grows, the good God showers you with more actual graces to do good and avoid evil, your honour and glory in heaven increase. Even you mind, will and memory become stronger by the care and diligence you take in filling out and turning in your treasure sheet.

          Your brothers and sisters won’t necessarily notice it. Your parents won’t either. Even you best friends at school will not see the changes that are taking place in your soul. But don’t think that the rich rewards won by your soul go unnoticed. Your guardian angel sees it and rejoices. Your patron saints see it and bless God. The whole heavenly court sees it and thanks God for it. And most of all, our King and Queen, Jesus and Mary see it take great pleasure in it.

Yours in Jesus & Mary,

Fr. Benjamin Campbell