The Crusader #323 - April 2018

Bulletin of the Eucharistic Crusade for Children in Australia

Dear Crusaders and Friends,

          Ressurexit sicut dixit, alleluia! He is risen as He said, alleluia! We celebrate Easter Sunday with great joy because our Lord, who died on the cross, conquered death. Just think for a moment, His dead body was lying in a tomb and then it started to be alive again. How amazing! How wonderful! Our sins caused Him to die and so we had great sorrow. Now He is alive again which causes our hearts to rejoice. Renew theses thoughts very often during this Easter season and bravely and joyfully continue the work of sanctifying yourself by pray, communion, sacrifice, and apostolate.

          While my heart rejoices at the remembrance of Christ’s resurrection, it bleeds when I think of the state of my Eucharistic Crusaders. My Jesus has risen again to life, but my Eucharistic Crusaders are dead and lifeless. This statement may shock you, but it is true.

          How do I know that a Crusader is “alive”? I know if a Crusader is “alive” if he turns in his treasure sheet. If you don’t turn in a treasure sheet, it is because you have stopped “living” as a Crusader. If you look on the back of this booklet, you will see the collected treasure totals for January. It tells me that only 19 Eucharistic Crusaders turned in their treasure sheet in January. Granted, January is during the school holidays, but a Eucharistic Crusader is always alert to fulfil his obligations. Besides, it means that more than 200 Australian Crusaders were dead that month. That is right. There are about 230 of you that I send the magazine to in Australia. It makes my heart bleed to think how sad the good Jesus is when he sees the “Treasure” that has been returned by his choice soldiers.

          Now that I have said that, I don’t want you to think that I am mad at you. No, we all make mistakes, we all forget. However, I do want you to rise up, to become alive again, to start once again to fill in and turn in your treasure sheets. If you have old treasure sheets, you can still send them to me, even if there is not much treasure on it. Think of the Sacred Heart of Jesus holding out his heart to you. Do you not wish to give him something in return? Give him your treasure sheet. Do not do your treasure sheet because I am asking you. Don’t do it because your teachers ask you. Don’t do it because your parents ask you. Do your treasure sheet and return it in order to LIVE up to the love of Jesus for you.

Yours in Jesus & Mary,

Fr. Benjamin Campbell