The Crusader #322 - March 2018

Bulletin of the Eucharistic Crusade for Children in Australia

Dear Crusaders and Friends,

          Good St. Joseph, spouse of Mary, blest of all the saints on high! I remember singing this hymn very often as a child and there are still times when I hear those words whenever I see a statue or picture of the great St. Joseph.

          We often like to think about how we would spend time with Jesus & Mary; what we would say to them. But St. Joseph didn’t have to think or imagine these things he really did spend time with them. What a happy life that he led! St. Joseph wishes us to have the same happiness. Pray to him often to obtain this favour from him.

          However, many people think that St. Joseph is of no importance to them. They think that it is nice to pray to him from time to time, but not everyday like we pray to Jesus & Mary. I’m sorry, but these people are wrong. If you want to know how important St. Joseph is, you just have to look at how the good God treated him.

          In the first place, God asked St. Joseph to look after Mary. Remember that God had filled Mary with grace. She was a real treasure of virtue and holiness. If you had a treasure you would want to guard it well. You would choose someone special to look after it for you. Well, God did the same. He chose someone holy and virtuous and strong to look after His treasure, Mary.

          In the second place, God asked St. Joseph to look after something even more precious than Mary; He asked him to look after His only begotten Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Remember that Jesus is God; more holy than a million saints, more precious than a million treasures. If your parents sent you to live on the other side of the world, you would want very much for them to choose someone good and kind and holy and strong to look after you. Well, that is what the good God did for His Son.

          For these two reasons, we call St. Joseph “blest of all the saints on high”. For these two reasons, we pray to St. Joseph everyday. It was everyday that Mary and Jesus talked to St. Joseph and sought his guidance or permission. So too should we talk to him everyday but especially during this his month of March.

Yours in Jesus, Mary & Joseph,

Fr. Benjamin Campbell