Notice: My Queen and My Mother

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Most sincere thanks are due to and prayer is asked for all who have kindly helped in procuring and giving pictures to illustrate this little work in honour of Our Lady: notably the Rev. Benedictine Fathers of Beuron, the Rev. P. Chandlery, S.J., Mr. N. H. J. Westlake, Signor Capparoni, Signor Bottoni and Herr Kühlen.

Grateful acknowledgements are also made to Messrs Alinari of Florence, Mr Anderson of Rome, and others, for kindly allowing the reproduction of their photographs.

In the passages quoted from the writings  of the early Fathers of the Church, the translations have mainly been taken from the “The Blessed Virgin in the Fathers of the first six Centuries,” by Thomas Livius, R.A., and the late Marquess of Bute’s edition of the Roman Breviary.

It may be well to mention that some of the texts from the Holy Scripture have been taken, not from the Douai Bible, but from an authorized translation of the Roman Missal.