Retreats at Holy Cross Seminary

Source: District of Australia and New Zealand

Retreats Scheduled for 2020/2021

The retreats to be held this coming summer at Holy Cross Seminary are aimed at experienced retreatants, who have already made at least one 5-day Ignatian Retreat.

  • The Men’s Retreat will focus on the life, Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord.  In other words, on those mysteries that the Ignatian Retreats treat in the “2nd-4th Weeks” of the Exercises, but which are rarely seen in depth due to time constraints and the emphasis of the typical retreat on the “1st Week” of the Exercises.
  • The Women’s Retreat will focus on the Virtues, their importance, and how to acquire them.

All Retreatants will still be provided with the opportunity to make a general confession.

The dates for the upcoming retreats are:

  • Men's Retreat 4-9 January 2021
  • Women's Retreat 25-30 January 2021

To register for one of these retreats, please:

  1. Download the retreat application form.
  2. Fill out the form and return it to the seminary.  The completed application may be posted to the Seminary, or it may be scanned and emailed to us. ([email protected])
  3. Upon receiving notice that your registration has been accepted, please pay the $50 non-refundable deposit.  This deposit is necessary to demonstrate the firm intention of the applicant to attend the retreat. Payment may be made by cheque or bank transfer into the Seminary's General Fund.
  4. Download the driving directions if you need them.

Additional Notes:

  1. The first conference of the retreat is at 2pm of the opening day; the retreat officially ends at about noon of the final day.
  2. The complete suggested donation for a retreat is $250 (i.e the $50 deposit + $200).  It is preferable that this is submitted before coming or immediately upon arrival at the Seminary.
  3. A special mention must be made regarding verbal requests to ‘reserve a place for me on retreat’.  These are not sufficient for registration.  It is always understood that such requests are granted on the expectation that the applicant will submit the registration form within the ensuing few days.  If the form does not arrive in that time, the ‘reservation’ is considered forfeit.