The Resistance Against the Seal of Confession Law Takes Form in Australia

Source: FSSPX News

Fr. Michael Whelan

Several Australian States have decided that the seal of the confessional can be violated in cases of abuse of minors. The Church will have none of it, and the storm is gathering in Oceania.

St. Patrick’s parish in Sydney, like many of the Catholic parishes in the Australian capital, does not intend to compromise the discipline of the Church: “The State is asking us Catholic priests to commit a sacrilege, and that we can never do,” warned Fr. Michael Whelan.

The State of South Australia followed the example of Canberra, putting an end to the seal of the confessional in cases of abuse of minors.

In a few weeks, New South Wales will decide whether or not to do the same. 

“At this point, I expect every jurisdiction in Australia now will follow that recommendation and I expect the Church throughout will simply not observe it," warned Fr. Whelan. 

“Like all my fellow priests, I would rather go to jail than break the seal of the confessional,” declared the pastor of St. Patrick’s.