The Crusader - September Issue

Source: District of Australia and New Zealand

September is the month of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady

The September intention is for the triumph of the Church.

Dear Crusaders and Friends,

          A little story from 75 years ago to mediate on.

          Johnny was about to make his First Holy Communion. One day he went to the priest and asked for advice. “Dad never prays, but curses and drinks; Mom is interested only in shows and parties and seldom goes to church. They quarrel and miss Mass on Sunday. How can I change all this?”

          The priest told Johnny how he could make atonement for his parents’ sins. Taking the priest’s advice, he prayed for them, said an act of contrition each night for their sins and went to Mass on weekdays to make up for the Mass they missed on Sundays.

          One day the priest said in the First Communion instruction class, “Whatever favour you ask of Jesus on your First Communion day, He is sure to give you, especially if you offer Him something dear to yourself.”

          On his First Communion day Johnny made this offering: “Dear Jesus, I ask that Mom and Dad be good again and I offer my life in atonement.”

          Johnny’s offering was accepted, for he fell dangerously ill. When the priest was called to the bed of the dying boy, he suggested that Johnny tell his parents about his offering. When he did so, his mother fainted and his father stared in blank horror at his son. A few hours later Johnny died. The little martyr completed his offering.

          Today these two parent are daily communicants and exemplary Catholics.

          I don’t know if Johnny was a Eucharistic Crusader, but he certainly did all the things that Crusaders do. He wanted to help Jesus save souls, especially his parents. He prayed for them. He made sacrifices by going to extra Masses. He received Communion for this intention. Finally he was apostolic, telling his parents of his offering at the request of the priest, even though he might have been embarrassed to say anything.

          My dear children, I am not asking you to make the same offering that Johnny did, but I am asking you to have the same desire and longing that Johnny had to convert souls. If we love Jesus, we will find out what He loves and try to give that to Him. Can you guess what He loves? Yes, it is souls; the souls of poor sinners.

Yours in Jesus & Mary,

Fr. Benjamin Campbell