The Consoling Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Need Your Help

Source: District of Australia and New Zealand

Founded in 1961 by Fr. Basilio Rosati, a Passionist priest, the Consoling Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus were entrusted to Fr. Emmanuel du Chalard (SSPX) by Father Basilio in 1996. Currently, their motherhouse is in Vigne di Narni, Italy.

A typical day in the life of a Consoling Sister consists of prayer, study and work. Tasks include: the formation of the postulants and novices, daily upkeep of the chapel, the convent and its grounds; numerous arts such as sewing, embroidery, statue restorations and painting. They also teach catechism to children, take care of the elderly in their nursing home and visit the sick and needy in their town.

In 2006, Providence blessed them with a new apostolate in India – an orphanage and old-age home. With the help of benefactors from all over the world, they constructed a truly remarkable building that houses almost 100 people. The 7 Indian sisters are tireless in their dedication to educate the orphan girls and take care of the elderly who are often found abandoned on the street and in miserable condition.

Exponential Increase in Postulants:

In 2014, when the first American postulant arrived in Italy, homage was paid to Our Lady of Guadalupe, and her image was enthroned in the convent. From that moment the flow of young Americans has been non-stop and the Congregation now has 45 members of 7 nationalities (26 professed sisters, 8 novices, 11 postulants).

In just a few years the numbers have exponentially increased. Given the lack of space, but not wanting to refuse vocations, the sisters have been obliged to put bunkbeds in the bedrooms, in the workroom, and even in the Superior’s office.

Moreover, additional girls have asked the sisters to visit. Not having any place left to put these girls, the sisters urgently need a place that is large enough for at least 20 people, to begin a Novitiate to form the girls in the beginning of their religious life.

A Solution - With Your Help

After innumberable prayers and long hours of research, St. Joseph has granted them the great grace of finding an ex-Capuchin convent, built in the 1600s, 40 minutes from Vigne, with an optimal structure (restored in 2000), with 30 bedrooms and 5 acres of land. Unfortunately, not having been occupied for 5 years, the convent has suffered damages and vandalism: gutters and pipes stolen, electric and hydraulic panels damaged, windows broken, etc.

The price that is asked is €1,150,000 (AUD $1,827,747.00). The Community, having no income, lives solely on Divine Providence and does not have the means to pay this price. It is necessary to acquire at least half of the purchase price by February in order to ensure the sale.

Therefore, the Community turns to you, dear benefactors, asking you to be instruments in the Hands of God to offer to His future spouses a place where, in silence, obedience and fraternal charity, they can learn how to become true religious who console the Heart of Jesus and spread the devotion to Him through the whole world.

Many of you know that last March the sisters had planned a trip to the United States in view of a foundation. Because of the pandemic, plans have been postponed but not renounced. The sisters are looking forward to carrying out this project and as soon as time permits they will proceed as planned.

The Sisters assure you of a special remembrance in their daily prayers and sacrifices.

How to help:

For mailed donations send cheques to:

13 William Street

Rockdale, NSW 2216


The cheque will have to be made out to the Society of St. Pius X, you must specify that it is for the Consoling Sisters, and then the funds will be banked and passed onto the Consoling Sisters. 

For direct deposit:

Account: Society of St Pius X 

BSB: 012-395

Account No.: 5993-47237

Importantly specify Consoling Sisters in the description field of your transfer, the funds will then be passed onto the Consoling Sisters.