Ceremonies at Sacred Heart Seminary in Zaitzkofen

Source: FSSPX News

On February 2 and 3, 2021, the annual ceremonies at the German-language seminary of the Society of Saint Pius X were able to take place, with some restrictions regarding the participation of the faithful, according to health standards.

These two days focused on four different ceremonies, which concern seminarians from the first to the fourth year - out of six in total. It was Msgr. Tissier de Mallerais, auxiliary bishop of the Society, who officiated during these two days.

On February 2, the pontiff first bestowed the ecclesiastical livery on nine first-year seminarians: 4 Germans, 1 Belarusian, 1 Hungarian, 1 Lebanese, 1 Pole, and 1 Swiss. He then conferred the clerical tonsure on seven second-year seminarians: 2 Germans, 1 Austrian, 1 Pole, and 3 Swiss.

The tonsure is not part of the sacrament of Orders itself, but it is obligatory to receive the various Orders. It is in fact a sacramental—an ecclesiastical ceremony which confers a grace, like a blessing—which is carried out by removing some locks of the hair, to signify the renunciation of the world.

On February 3, Bishop Tissier de Mallerais conferred the first Minor Orders of porter and lector on four third-year seminarians: 1 German, 1 Austrian, 1 Lithuanian, and 1 Swiss; as well as the second Minor Orders of exorcist and acolyte on four fourth year seminarians: 1 Pole, 1 Russian, 1 Swiss, and 1 Czech.

It is encouraging to note the number of nationalities represented: 10 for 24 seminarians, which shows the universal attraction of traditional formation.

In his homily, the bishop emphasized that the orders conferred, even if they remain relative, confer real power over the Mystical Body of Christ. And how it is absurd that they were suspended after the Second Vatican Council, being replaced with “ministries,” which can now be entrusted to women, according to a very recent decree from Pope Francis.

Let us pray for the perseverance of all these young Levites, so that one day they will become priests and bring their strength to the Church of tomorrow, where many things will have to be rebuilt.