Bike-a-thon raises over $80,000

Source: Saint Anthony’s Priory

Whanganui, New Zealand, 30 August, 2019 — Weather on the South Taranaki Bight was sunny and mild, providing students, religious and teachers a fine day for the annual Bike-a-thon. With great effort from participants and generous benefactors, the the fundraiser was an impressive success.

All told, nearly $81,000 was pledged to help support the running of the Primary and Secondary schools. Per-lap pledged contribued about $10,600 to this total.

Many of the cyclists broke the century mark (25 km) during the one-hour ride. One one the Year 11 boys, Joseph Oakman, completed 133 of the 250-metre laps at the Whanganui Velodrome, averaging over 33 km/hr. A parent and veteran rider, Dominic Devine, aiming for several years to beat the record set by former Prior and Principal, Fr Andrew Cranshaw (143 laps), suffered a flat early along. With help from an extra mountain bike, then a new tube bough in haste from the local bike shop, he too crested the 100-lap peak.

All told, students, priests, and religious together cranked out in 8,590 laps, or nearly 2,150 km—more than the total distance from the top of the North Island (Cape Reinga) to the bottom of the South Island (Bluff).

A photo gallery has been uploaded.

St Anthony's Primary School along with St Dominic's and St Augustine's College, sincerely thank all who have supported the Bike-a-thon and traditional Catholic education in New Zealand.

Those who have not yet submitted pledged donations, or who would like to add their support can still do so by visiting the SSPX NZ contribution page.