2019 Liturgical Calendar : Support the work of Tradition in New Zealand

Source: Saint Anthony’s Priory

Support Catholic Tradition in New Zealand : Pre-Order a 2019 Liturgical Calendar

St Dominic's College is working to produce a high-quality, 12-month liturgical calendar for 2019 to benefit the school and the work of Catholic Tradition in New Zealand. 

The calendar will feature full-colour 30 cm x 30 cm pictures from Rome, including the grand basilicas to less-known and unique churches and sites, along with a short description of each. The calendar portion includes the liturgical feast for each day, reminders on the obligatory days of penance and those which were formerly kept (and still traditionally recommended), local feast days for New Zealand and Austrailia, as well as the principal civil holidays.

The calendar should arrive in late November or early December at an estimated cost of NZ$20 per calendar. All procedes after cost go directly to St Dominic's College.

Contact us to pre-order the calendar now. When the printer has delivered the calendar we will contact you for payment and delivery instructions.