Immaculate Heart of Mary Church — Auckland

Immaculate Heart of Mary Church

Immaculate Heart of Mary Church

103 Avondale Road — Avondale — Auckland 1026 — New Zealand

Mass Times

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7 a.m. (Low)

9 a.m. (Sung)*
5:30 a.m. (Low)

(except after 4th Sunday)
No Mass No Mass No Mass 7 p.m. (Low)

8 a.m. (Low)

* On the second Sunday of the month, this is a Low/Recited Mass due to priest's travel to Whangarei for a third Mass.

Confession Times

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday* Saturday**
6:30-6:55 a.m.

8:20–8:50 a.m.
No confessions No confessions No confessions No confessions First Friday only:

6:00–6:40 p.m.
7:30–7:55 a.m.

* Saturday confessions also available by appointment.

Other Devotions

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
No scheduled devotions Rosary: 5:30 p.m. Rosary: 5:30 p.m. Rosary: 5:30 p.m. Rosary: 5:30 p.m. Rosary: 5:30 p.m.

First Friday: Benediction following Mass
First Saturday:

Rosary & Benediction

following Mass

Other Sacraments and Blessings 

Baptism: Contact the Pastor well before the due date of any children. Children should be Baptized as soon as possible, and parents cannot be excused from serious sin if they delay more than a month.

Confirmation: Usually offered in August or December once every 1-2 years. Contact the pastor to arrange classes well in advance of the bishops' visit.

Marriage: Planned marriages must be arranged with the pastor at least 6-12 months before the proposed date of marriage to allow for instruction and a canonical investigation. No date can be set until after the investigation is complete.

Sick Calls: Communion to the sick in hospital or homebound but not in danger of death can be arranged to happen every 2-4 weeks. Contact the pastor to arrange this. Those in more immediate danger of death can be visited more frequently.

Extreme Unction: This should be given whenever there is a reasonable danger of death from some disease or an internal cause (e.g. a diagnosis of a possibly life-threatening illness). Please consult the pastor early along, as this sacrament can often aid in physical healing. It is not given for surgeries or non-life threating illnesses. It can be given to the elderly who are frail, however. Contact the pastor ideally before any immediate risk of death to arrange to receive this anointing.

Sacramental Emergencies: If a Catholic parishioner is in immediate danger of death call +64 6-281 3976. If no answer, try several times, then leave a message. clearly indicating the nature of the emergency, your name, and the name of the person in danger of death. If no response within 30 minutes, call +64 6-344 3814 and follow the prompts for Sacramental Emergencies.

Blessing of Religious Items: Put items into a envelope or sack marked with one's name and leave these on the vestibule table. They will be blessed as soon as possible and then marked as "blessed". Please do not approach the priest unless items are urgently needed, or if you must be enroled in the sacramental (e.g. a Brown Scapular). The priest will not bless any religious object which does not have a proper blessing in the Roman Ritual, or is related to a devotion or apparition which is not approved by the Church.

Blessing of Homes, Cars, etc.: Occasionally, the priest can make home visits to bless a new home. These must be arranged a few weeks in advance. With a day or week notice, vehicles and other larger things can also be blessed after Mass if brought to the Church.

Upcoming Events and Irregularities 

  • None foreseen

Contact us

By phone : +64 6-344 3814 

By e-mail : [email protected]

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